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Bob Hingston, Chair


Bob has spent most of his career in housing, working at director level for housing associations before setting up his own housing and regeneration consultancy in 2005. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing and has been chair and board member of a number of social enterprise and housing organisations.

Chan Kataria BSc (Hons), FCIH MBA


Chan is Group Chief Executive. He has held numerous positions at senior level in both the housing association and local authority sectors since 1985. He is a former Chair of the National Housing Federation in the East Midlands and a member of the steering group of the influential housing association alliance PlaceShapers.

Colin Ball


Having worked in housing and regeneration for more than 35 years, Colin has held senior management roles in a number of housing associations, and has a strong track record of involvement in community organisations. In retirement he is active in organisations including Fusion Credit Union and serves on the emh group Audit Committee and Business Improvement Group.

Janet Beaumont

Janet Beaumont

Janet worked in local government for 32 years until 2008, including as Chief Executive at Local Government East Midlands, a not-for-profit association representing the 46 local authorities in the East Midlands. She now provides HR and improvement support services to the public sector and is part-time director of a European-level public service partnership.

Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Tim works as an independent Consultant and is a Corporate Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing. He is a senior research associate in Housing and Local Government, Department of Politics and Public Policy at De Montfort University. He has recently been a member of the research team evaluating housing and worklessness and currently runs workshops on housing & health and housing & safeguarding.

Tracey Davenport BA, LL.M


Tracey brings over 20 years experience in customer service with a number of multinationals. He is the Business Development Director for Pegasus Goup who are a national planning consultancy working with organisations across a range of sectors. Originally from the USA, he has lived in Leicestershire since 2005 and completed his Law Masters (LL.M) at De Montfort University in 2010.

Reg Francis


Reg is the Finance Director of a Leicester-based company, having occupied similar senior positions for more than 25 years. He is actively involved in a local community organisation where he has been treasurer for many years. Reg also serves on the emh group Business Improvement Group and Audit Committee.

Chris Hobson


Chris is Head of Information and Representation at East Midlands Chamber. He has spent his career in public policy with experience across a number of fields. Previous roles include Lead Manager in the East Midlands for the National Housing Federation, and Manager of Transact, the national forum for financial inclusion.


emh homes has adopted the National Housing Federation "Excellence In Governance Code" to encourage the highest standards of governance and accountability while responding to change and increased risk.

For more information about our governance, please contact us.

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