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Chris Ashton, Executive Director (Housing)

Chris Ashton

Chris joined the organisation as an area housing manager in 1996 after having worked in a variety of roles in the housing sector. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing and on their national "learn and improve" board. Chris has been instrumental in developing the emh group social enterprise strategy.

Housing and Neighbourhoods

Nikki Chawda, Director of Housing and Neighbourhoods

Nikki Chawda

"Our department is split into the Income team, who look after all money-related aspects of your tenancy, the Housing and Neighbourhood team, who look after lettings and provide advice and support, and the Customer and Community Investment team, who ensure you have the chance to get involved."

Customer Services

Dave Morris, Head of Customer Services

Dave Morris

"Whatever your query, the Customer Service Centre should be your first port of call. We deal with a whole range of enquiries and are usually able to provide you with an answer without having to pass you on to someone else.. But if you do need to speak to someone else, we will make sure you get through quickly."