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“I didn’t think tenants could really make a difference. I was worried about giving my opinions in front of the managers. But they really listen to what you have to say. Lots of things have changed because we got to have a say."

Jackie Clark, tenant, Blaby

If you are an emh homes tenant and would like to have a say in how your home is managed and make service improvements on behalf of all residents, you can get involved with a resident group in your area.

Local groups deal with issues relevant to specific areas, for example:

  • understanding community concerns
  • gathering ideas for improvements
  • listening to complaints and feeding them back to emh homes
  • recruiting new residents to the group
  • helping to co-ordinate estate inspections

Local groups are split into four areas:

  •  Blaby
  • Erewash
  • North
  • South

Interested in getting involved in a local group? Contact Sarah Dickens on 01530 276000 or email

Find out about getting involved with decision making within the organisation.