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Tell us if we could improve things for you and other customers. There are lots of ways you can give your feedback and influence how we work.


We are committed to working in partnership with our customers to make sure we can keep improving our services and be the best social housing business in the country.

We want to hear from any customers willing work with us and other customers to give feedback and improve things for you and your community.

There are a range of opportunities available to influence how we work. You can choose if you would like to influence how the business is run, or to help to improve things in your local area.

Get in touch today and we will help you identify the one that suits you.

As well as helping to make our service even better, there are lots of benefits to joining one of our groups. You will meet new people, learn new skills, benefit from free training, improve your job prospects, and become more confident. Plus lots more.

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