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Energy monitoring project

A number of our tenants are taking part in the energy monitoring project to help us gain a better understanding of how energy is managed and used in our homes, and to show us how the properties are performing from an energy efficiency perspective.

The information gained from the project will be used to provide customers with more specific energy saving advice, and to improve our future works programmes.

To view your unique household energy consumption data, click here to log in to the Home Energy Monitoring Portal.

From there you will be able to view the energy data that we have gathered for your home, chart your own energy consumption in real time, and monitor the effects of any changes in behaviour that you have made in relation to heat control.

Please note that only residents participating in the project can access their energy data.

If you have not been issued log-in details but would like to take part in the project, please contact Jamal Lea, Energy Strategy Officer, on 0300 123 6000 or by email at

By monitoring your consumption you can save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon emissions.

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