Finding a home to rent

Our goal is to provide high quality homes and services that help to create sustainable communities.


Finding a Home to Rent

We have a wide variety of homes in over 30 local authority areas in the East Midlands. The majority of these have two or three bedrooms, but we also have one-bedroom flats for single people and couples and some four and five bedroom houses for large or extended families. Some homes are specially adapted to meet the needs of elderly or disabled residents.

We do not keep our own waiting lists. To apply for one of our homes, you need to register with the local authority (council) for the area in which you wish to live. After registering you will be given a priority status or level of housing need.

Most local authorities now operate a choice-based lettings system for allocating both council and housing association homes in their area.

Choice-based lettings

Choice-based lettings give people applying for social housing an element of choice.

Local authorities and housing associations advertise their available properties – this varies between areas but can be through local newspapers, leaflets, newsletters, and on the internet – which registered applicants can then bid for if they are interested.

Bidding does not involve money, it just means that you are telling the local authority that you are interested in a particular property and want to be considered for it.

Renting from us gives you a choice

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We are registered with Homefinder, one of the quickest and easiest routes to finding a home in Leicester and Leicestershire. So if you live in the area and are looking to move, this is the place for you to start, whether you are looking to move into one of our homes or one of our tenants looking for a mutual exchange.

Click here to go to the Homefinder website.

If you have a question about applying for a property to rent, please contact us.

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