48 week tenancies

Please note this only applies to tenants living in Erewash.

The housing element of all Universal Credit (UC) payments is based on a tenant paying rent for 52 weeks a year. If you only pay rent for 48 weeks a year, the housing element of your UC payment is spread over 52 weeks, which means that you will receive less for the 48 weeks but that you will also receive the same amount during your rent-free weeks. In other words, each year you will still receive the same amount but it will be spread over 52 weeks rather than 48.

Because of this, every month you will need to use some of the personal element of your UC payment to make up the shortfall. Your rent account must be kept up to date at all times, so you cannot wait until your rent-free weeks to allow the payments received during those weeks to clear any arrears.

If you would prefer not to have to pay any extra from the personal element of your UC payment every month and no longer have the rent-free periods, please contact us and we will help you amend your tenancy.

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