Service Charges

Service charges are the cost of providing specific services over and above the core management of properties.

What services are emh homes charging for? Tenants will only pay charges applicable to their property.
Possible charges and descriptions are listed below:

Communal cleaning: The cleaning cost for any shared communal areas at your scheme, including window cleaning if applicable.

Communal lighting, power and maintenance:  Costs for any shared communal area at your scheme.

Central heating & hot water systems (Communal): Heating and hot water (electricity/gas) in any shared communal area.

Communal grounds maintenance: Gardening services provided to shared communal green spaces in any shared area.

Communal TV systems & aerial maintenance: Maintenance and servicing of communal television/aerial systems.

Health & Safety: Fire risk assessments, legionella, emergency lighting, electrical safety testing etc.

Third party management & administration: Third party management agency fees, including managing agents and associated costs.

Communal water: Communal water provided within the communal area.

Guest flat costs/income: Guest flat servicing costs within your scheme. Any income from the guest flat will be shown as a credit.

Refuse/fly tipping: Removal of fly tipped rubbish left in any shared communal area.

Provisions: Cyclical replacement of various items specific to your shared communal area, for example, replacement
of door entry system, fencing, cycle racks, bin store etc.

Site security: Day to day maintenance costs towards communal entrance doors and entry systems.

Buildings plants, equipment and installation: Maintenance contracts covering electrical equipment within any shared communal areas, items such as lifts, sewage pumps, laundry equipment etc.

Admin fee 15%: Standard administration charge to fund service charge management and collection.

Staffing costs and/or intensive housing management: Staffing costs if provided.

Sundry items: Small miscellaneous items or services within shared facilities e.g. toilet rolls in communal toilets.

Tenant accommodation - specific charges: These charges are applied and charged as part of your tenancy agreement.

Ground rent: Ground rent payable as a leaseholder to the freeholder of the property.

Emergency call: Costs to manage and maintain the warden call system.

Central heating & hot water system (Individual): Gas or electricity relating to the heating and hot water in your accommodation.

Buildings insurance/audit: Buildings insurance and audit fees if your property is within a shared ownership scheme.

Garden maintenance: Individual garden maintenance provided at some individual properties.

Communal furniture replacements: Communal furniture replacements for items in shared communal areas.

Other service charges may include:

  • Cleaning materials
  • Communal laundry equipment maintenance
  • Communal parts cleaning, including carpets
  • Communal heating system maintenance
  • Statutory testing – Legionella
  • Communal window cleaning
  • CCTV depreciation
  • Communal lighting depreciation
  • Communal TV aerial depreciation
  • Door entry control system depreciation
  • Fire equipment depreciation
  • Furniture, carpet and equipment depreciation, including area ventilation
  • Heating (depreciation of boiler)
  • Laundry equipment depreciation
  • Palladin depreciation
  • Platform/passenger lift depreciation
  • Stair-lift depreciation
  • Warden call depreciation
  • Abandoned vehicle removal costs
  • Audit fees/consultancy
  • Car park maintenance
  • CCTV maintenance
  • Communal area ventilation
  • Communal furniture/carpet renewals
  • Door entry maintenance
  • Laundry income
  • Maintenance of communal cooker/electrical Items
  • Refuse management IC containers

Why do tenants pay for fly tipping/graffiti? In order to maintain the good appearance of our communal areas it is necessary to have in place service provisions to deal with reports of fly tipping and graffiti in a reasonable time period and in keeping with the service standards agreed with residents.

Why am I paying a different service charge to my neighbour/someone else on my estate? The charges are apportioned out against the total cost based on the area where residents are living and the services which they receive. Other resident’s services could be different due to the property and/or tenure type being different; or the area covered by their property may be different.

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