Transformation Programme

We are currently undergoing a two-year transformation programme to make emh group fit for the future. This means that we will be reviewing all our services and how we deliver them to our customers.

Because of Covid-19 restrictions we have had to bring forward some of the planned changes - particularly those relating to digital services and staff working from home - but we will still be reviewing these services to ensure that we have considered the views of both staff and residents alike.

Our engaged residents are already taking part in the programme though the Scrutiny Panel and the SIGs, but we are keen to capture the views of as many residents as possible and so we are inviting all our residents to take part.

If you would like to take part in any of the future reviews we have planned, please email letting us know which services you would like to give us your views on. You can be a part of as few or as many reviews as you like.

The following details were last updated on 21 December 2020.

Past: Recently completed reviews and consultations

  • Abandonment Policy and Procedures
  • Annual Report to Residents 2020
  • Complaints section on website
  • Income Maximisation and Debt Recovery Policy
  • Mutual Exchange Policy
  • Rent Setting Policy
  • Sustainable Tenancies Policy

Present: Consultations and reviews currently underway

  • Property Services: Customer-led services (day to day and empty properties), asset management and reinvestment, compliance and statutory
  • Housing & Neighbourhoods: anti-social behaviour, allocations
  • Development: new business, delivery, sales & marketing

We are also carrying out reviews of services delivered by our Care & Support team: Nursing Homes, Supported Living, Housing and Support (including day services, specialist housing (hostels), community inclusion and engagement, and extra care.


To be decided.

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