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Community Opportunities Grant Scheme

The Community Opportunities Grants Scheme (COGS) is a funding pot administered through our recognised Local Groups and is aimed at local communities. The grants are awarded in a simple and straightforward way.

We can help fund projects and groups that enable people to take part in community activities, as well as projects that promote education, the environment, health, financial and digital inclusion in the community.

The aims of the Community Opportunities Grants Scheme are to:

  • extend access and engagement by encouraging more people to become actively involved in local groups and projects, and by supporting activities that aim to be open and accessible to everyone who wishes to take part
  • increase skill and creativity by supporting activities which help to develop people and organisations, encourage talent and raise standards
  • improve the quality of life by supporting local projects that improve people’s opportunities, welfare, environment or local facilities (e.g. through voluntary action, self-help projects, local projects or events)

To get a grant you need to show how you will meet at least one of the above aims and how your grant will benefit emh homes residents.

Some examples include:

  • helping run a Resident or Community Group
  • contributing to a community activity, such as a street party or local fete
  • to help with the costs of a Lunch Club or similar group

Who can apply?

You can apply if:

  • you need a grant of between £1 and £1,000 to fund a specific project or activity
  • you are a not-for-profit group
  • you can use the grant within one financial year

We cannot award grants to companies, statutory bodies and individuals.

We will not fund:

  • activities or resources currently provided by another organisation, for example, transport costs and venue hire payments
  • items which only benefit an individual
  • activities promoting religious beliefs
  • projects with high ongoing maintenance costs - unless your group can show that you have the funds/skills to maintain them once your grant runs out

Please note:

  • We will not give grants to cover goods or services that you buy or order before you receive our award letter
  • Your group can only receive a maximum of £1,000 in any one financial year from COGS
  • You can only make one application at a time

You can apply at any time. The application form is short and simple, and you will be told if you are successful or not within 8 weeks. Guidance is available when completing the application. Full details within the pack.

To request an application pack, please email or

We look forward to receiving your application.

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