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  • Bramley Road, Long Eaton, office closes to the public

Bramley Road, Long Eaton, office closes to the public

Our office in Long Eaton will be closing to the public on Friday 16 September.

The recent government announcement that housing associations have to reduce their rents by 1% a year for the next four years means that we will lose over £11m in income over that period. This means that we are changing the way we deliver some of our services to protect them and make them more efficient.

We had already begun introducing many changes to make it easier for residents to contact us, and reducing the reasons why they may have felt they needed to visit us. Our Customer Service Centre now has more staff to respond to queries, and we now also offer an appointment system for anyone needing to see a member of staff in their own home.

With our Housing & Neighbourhoods staff now being more out and about in the community, we decided to consult with residents on the possible closure of the Bramley Road office in Long Eaton. Very few residents expressed concern over the closure, and so our Board agreed to go ahead with it. For those residents who did express concern, we are arranging to contact every one of them to see how we can help them through the changes and in the future.

The office closure will not affect our commitment to providing residents with the best possible services that we can.

The consultation raised some issues from you, which we hope we are addressing in the following Q&A:

Could you have moved to smaller/cheaper premises to keep that face to face contact?

The office closure is part of a wider move towards delivering services digitally, which includes our officers being out and about more in the community, and tenants now being able to make appointments for a home visit.

With the office closing, how will tenants be able to contact you?

Our Customer Service Centre (CSC) number remains the same, and can be found on the Contact Us page of this website. We will also be displaying the number prominently in our sheltered housing schemes and in scheme communal areas.

Will there be enough Housing Officers to cope?

There has been no reduction in the number of Housing Officers. In addition, our CSC officers have been trained to answer more of your calls, allowing Housing Officers to spend more time out in the community and on appointments. We anticipate that our Housing Officers will be spending up to 80% of their time in the community.

Where will residents’ events now be held?

We are working with the Erewash Residents Action Group to agree local facilities for residents’ events. While we still hold the lease, meeting rooms will be available to tenants’ groups from time to time.

What about tenants who don’t have access to the internet?

Digital inclusion is important to us, and we have been helping tenants who do not have access to a computer or who have not used one before with taster sessions. We are also continuing to support tenants who we know through our customer profiling work that need help by giving them information on specialist services.

Will repairs and other services take longer?

No. Calling CSC directly ensures that your request is dealt with in a streamlined and therefore speedier way. Our CSC officers have been trained to deal with many enquiries at this first point of contact. Other enquiries can be answered in your own home with mobile technology and the real-time updating of information. The customer self-service portal on our website allows secure access to your rent account and being able to report repairs 24 hours a day.

Where can I pay my rent now?

Rent can be paid by Direct Debit, online through our website, via our 24 hours automated payment line, or with your rent swipe card. You can also still go to your bank and make a payment.

How do I get a replacement fob or key if I lose it?

All fob and key requests are dealt with by CSC. Key safes will be provided for more efficient transfer where it is an option, or we well send you a jiffy bag so you can return keys at no cost to yourself.

How will the mobile teams ensure nothing is missed?

Our Housing & Neighbourhoods managers have identified community hubs and sheltered schemes where their teams can meet weekly to make sure no requests are missed. CSC will deal with the majority of routine enquiries, monitoring workflows to ensure every request is dealt with.

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