Important reminder for Universal Credit claimants

Earlier this year you would have received a rent variation letter from us detailing how much your rent and service charge will be from April 2020 onwards.

If you are claiming Universal Credit (UC) you will need to let the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) know and update your UC journal.

The DWP will send all claimants an action called a “To Do” via your UC journal. The “To Do” will be titled “Update your Housing Costs” and will prompt you to answer a number of questions to establish whether your rent or service charge liability has changed. Depending on your answers, you may then be prompted to confirm your new housing costs.

If you do not update your journal the housing element of your UC payment may not cover your new housing costs. You cannot ask for it to be backdated and you will be expected to make up the difference yourself.

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