New automated call service

If you are in rent arrears we want to help and support you.

For three months from 15 October 2018 we will be piloting a new automated call service. If you are in low level rent arrears you may receive a call to notify you and for us to offer you support.

If you get a call, please respond by pressing 1. It is FREE and you will be put straight through to a member of our Income Team.

It can be difficult to know if an automated message is real, and we are aware that you may be cautious about answering a call from an unknown number due to increasing numbers of telephone scams and telemarketing calls.

The number displayed when a call is from our automated system is 01530 202030.

We will never ask you to give any personal information directly to the automated caller and you will always deal with one of our Income Team when discussing your rent account. They will go through standard data protection questions with you, including your name and date of birth, but we will never ask you for bank or card details unless we are processing a payment and data protection checks have already been completed.

Don’t ignore your rent arrears – let’s talk.

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