We are changing how we deliver non-urgent repairs

During this financial year our Property Services team has undertaken various programmes of work that have improved the quality and safety of the properties owned and managed by emh homes. For example, we have completed over 7,400 electrical tests, undertaken the external painting of over 2,500 properties, and addressed all the actions from the fire risk assessments that have been undertaken in the last two years. In addition to these programmes of work, customer satisfaction has continued to improve for responsive maintenance and is currently at 95% for this financial year.

Going forward, emh homes is looking to undertake responsive maintenance differently during 2019 in order to make ongoing service improvements and follow good practice. For repairs that are not emergencies or not of an urgent nature, we are now looking to raise these jobs on our IT system, provide tenants with a job number, and place the work on a programme of maintenance to be delivered as part of various batched works planned to be released every two to three months. For repairs that are identified as emergencies or of an urgent nature, these will continue to be undertaken by appointments agreed with the tenant when contacting emh homes.

emh homes works with the Property Services Special Interest Group that is run and chaired by tenants, all service improvements are shared with this group to ensure that the interests of tenants are fully appreciated when implementing service improvements.

These changes will help us to work smartly and support the delivery of efficient services to tenants ensuring we can continue to invest in work programmes like those mentioned previously.

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