Separation and child support

Need help and support after separating from your partner?

The Sorting Out Separation website offers reliable information, easy-to-use tools, and specialist services on a range of topics, including:

  • drawing up a parenting plan with your ex-partner
  • encouraging people to seek local help
  • utilising the ‘next steps’ tool to get tailored links and information

Need more support or information on child maintenance?

Child Maintenance Options provides impartial information and support to help separated parents make decisions about their child maintenance arrangements, including:

  • access to a larger range of organisations that provide local support
  • answers to common questions around child maintenance
  • tools and leaflets to help you make your own arrangements, including a child maintenance calculator and setting up a family-based arrangement

The government has brought together all the current childcare provisions in one place to help parents and carers understand how their offers can support them in their working lives.

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