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Preparing for Universal Credit: e-learning via the National Careers Service

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) in partnership with the National Careers Service has launched a series of e-learning modules for people claiming Universal Credit.

The modules have been published on the Prospects website to help people prepare for Universal Credit, recognise the value of the internet in getting a job, the range of activities required to find work, and to understand the expectations placed upon them in order to receive benefits.

The modules are:

Module 1: Getting a job is a full-time job

  • the challenges to getting a job and how they can be overcome
  • understand Universal Credit and how it differs to Jobseeker’s Allowance

Module 2: The Digital Jobs Market

  • understand what you can do online to help find work
  • learn how to research a company online and why this is important
  • identify the key benefits of using Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to look for work

Module 3: Universal Jobmatch

  • getting started with Universal Jobmatch
  • why an email address is important and why it needs to be professional
  • the different ways of applying for jobs – phone, email, external website, via Universal Jobmatch

Module 4: Work Related Activities

  • what makes an effective CV and how to tailor a CV to different jobs
  • why use recruitment agencies
  • the benefits of work experience

Module 5: The Interview

  • what an employer looks for in an interview
  • the types of interview used by employers and the different styles of interview questions
  • preparing for an interview and the steps needed to be fully prepared

Module 6: Keeping the job

  • prepare for your first day and stay in your new job,
  • being better off in work
  • building a career

Now go to the Prospects website and start e-learning.

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