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Under 22 and need to claim benefits?

From April 2017, if you are aged under 22-years-old and have a change in your circumstances or need to claim benefits, you may not be eligible for the housing element of UC.

This means that you will have to pay your rent from your personal element.

This could be more than you are receiving each month.

However, there are exceptions if you:

  • are a vulnerable adult who is unable to return home to your parents
  • are leaving or have left care
  • have children
  • are claiming DLA or PIP
  • are in receipt of Armed Forces Independent Payment
  • have been in work for six months prior to making your claim for UC
  • are suffering from domestic violence
  • are working at least 16 hours at the National Minimum Wage

Check the flowchart and FAQs below for more details:

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